Commercial Concrete Contractors Macon Ga

Commercial Concrete Contractors Macon

An essential component of foundation construction is footings. They are typically constructed of concrete with rebar reinforcement poured into an excavated trench.
Footings are used to support the foundation and keep it from settling. They are essential in areas with difficult soils.
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Types of Commercial Concrete Contractors:

  • T-Shaped: A traditional foundation method for supporting a structure in an area where the ground freezes. The walls are built on a footing placed below the frost line. The footing is wider than the wall, providing additional support at the foundation’s base.
  • Slab-on-Ground: A slab is a single, several-inch-thick layer of concrete contractors. The slab is poured thicker at the edges; reinforcing rods reinforce the thickened edge.
  • Frost-Protected: This foundation relies on the use of two sheets of rigid, polystyrene insulation—one on the outside of the foundation wall and the other laid flat on a bed of gravel at the base of the wall—to prevent freezing, which is a problem with slab-on-ground foundations in frost-prone areas.

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Among Our Commercial Concrete Contractors Services Are:

  • Sidewalks: We have the best sidewalk pavers! We’ve built sidewalks of various sizes and lengths to ensure pedestrians have enough space to walk safely and orderly.
  • Slabs and Foundations: Whether you’re repairing a floor or creating a space for urban art, rely on us to lay the groundwork for future development with an expertly poured concrete slab.
  • Stamped and patterned concrete: Decorative and stamped concrete is an attractive way to change the façade and appeal of poured concrete without investing in more expensive materials. Let us know if you need commercial polished concrete contractors. We use decorative concrete to spruce up your commercial flatwork.
  • Ramps for the disabled: When it comes to permanent ramps, we are well-versed in ADA compliance standards.

Call the top commercial concrete floor contractors to ensure seamless access to your commercial facility. We also provide commercial concrete cleaning services to the residents of Macon, Ga. In addition to those mentioned above new pouring capabilities, we also provide concrete floor refinishing, commercial concrete walls, sidewalk repair, and other repair and re-pouring services for your commercial properties.

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